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If you are someone who is preparing for a Software Developer interview then this page might helpful for you. The typical software developer interview process contains 5-6 rounds of interviews, including online coding tests, DSA rounds, and Design rounds.

Things you need to do before appearing for interviews:
  1. Prepare your Resume and Projects
  2. Prepare one Programming Language very well. [ Java / C++ / Python ]
  3. Prepare Data Structures and Algorithms
  4. Prepare CS Topics like OS, Network, DBMS.
  5. Prepare System Design [ LLD, HLD]
  6. Leadership Questions / HR round.
This page contains the data structures and algorithms programming questions that are very important and commonly asked in interviews. I have added these questions category-wise for better readability.

Linked Lists


Searching Algorithms
Sorting Algorithms



Sliding Window

Greedy Algorithms

Dynamic Programming



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