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Shell Script to Create a Simple Calculator

Write a shell script to create a simple calculator using a switch-case statement?


echo "simple calculator"
echo "enter first number"
read n1
echo "enter second number"
read n2
while [ $i = "y" ]
echo "1.Addition"
echo "2.Subtraction"
echo "3.Multiplication"
echo "4.Division"
echo "Enter choice"
read ch
case $ch in
1)sum=$(echo " $n1 + $n2" | bc -l)
echo "Addition is =" $sum;;
2)sum=$(echo "$n1 - $n2" | bc -l)
echo "Sub is =" $sum;;
3)sum=$(echo "$n1 * $n2" | bc -l)
echo "Mul is =" $sum;;
4)sum=$(echo "$n1 / $n2" | bc -l)
echo "div is =" $sum;;
*)echo "invalid choice"
echo "Do you want to continue"
read i
if [ $i != "y" ]

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  1. in the program when we opt to continue its taking the same number as we had given in the starting and it is asking for only operations.....we are not getting the chance to give new inputss


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