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 In this post, we will learn how to implement Queue using Linked List and will write a Java Program for the same.

Implement Queue using Linked List

We will implement Queue using Linked List. The basic operation of the queue like push/offer and remove/poll method will implement here.

Java Program: 

class QueueNode
	int data;
	QueueNode next;
	QueueNode(int a)
	    data = a;
	    next = null;

class MyQueue
    QueueNode front, rear;
    // This function should add an item at
    // rear
	void push(int a)
	    QueueNode newNode = new QueueNode(a);
	    if(front == null || rear == null) {
	        front = newNode;
	        rear = front;
	    } else { = newNode;
        rear =;
    // This function should remove front
    // item from queue and should return
    // the removed item.
	int pop()
	    if(front == null) return -1;
        int res =;
        front =;
        return res;

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