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Last Updated: 19-Jan-2021
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 In this post, we will learn the basic Introduction of Binary Tree Data Structure.

Binary Tree

A tree is an important data structure to simulate a hierarchical tree structure. In every tree, there will be a root node and a list of references to other nodes which are called child nodes. If a tree has N nodes then there are N-1 edges connecting them.

A binary tree is one of the typical tree structure. In a Binary tree, each node has at most two children which are referred to as the left and the right child.

How to Traverse a Binary Tree

There are many ways to traverse a binary tree.

We can traverse a binary tree using BFS and DFS.

Using BFS

  • level order traverse
Using DFS
  • Pre Order Traversal
  • In Order Traversal
  • Post-Order Traversal
We can also use the Recursive and Iterative method to traverse the tree. Recursion is one of the most important methods to traverse the Binary tree.

Pre-Order Traversal

In Pre Order traversal we visit the root first, then traverse the left subtree and finally traverse the right subtree.

Order: root-left-right

In-Order Traversal

In In-Order traversal, we visit the left subtree first then the root, and finally traverse the right subtree.

Order: left-root-right

Post-Order Traversal

In Post-Order Traversal we visit the left subtree first then the right subtree and finally visit the root node.

Order: left-right-root

Level Order Traversal

In Level Order Traversal we visit all the nodes at the same level first then move to the next level.

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