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SQL CONCAT() Function

The SQL CONCAT() is used to concatenate two strings. In MySQL, we use '||'.
SQL CONCAT() Function - The Coding Shala


The basic syntax of SQL CONCAT() is as follows - 

 SELECT CONCAT(column_name1, column_name2, ..)  
 FROM table_name  

NOTE: In MySQL, we use '||' instead of CONCAT().

The following 'emp' table is used for the example - 

emp_id     emp_name     city     dept_no     salary  
 1          Akshay        Pune      101       50000  
 3          Nikhil        Pune      101       51000  
 5          Mohit         Delhi     103       40000  
 6          Shubham       Surat     105       42000  
 7          Akash         Mumbai    106       45000 

SQL CONCAT() Example

The following SQL query will concatenate two columns using || in MySQL -  

 SQL >> select emp_name || ' is from ' || city as 'Emp Detail'  
        from emp;  
Output >>   
 Emp Detail  
 Akshay is from Pune  
 Nikhil is from Pune  
 Mohit is from Delhi  
 Shubham is from Surat  
 Akash is from Mumbai 

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