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SQL 'SELECT' statement is used to fetch data from the database table. Using 'SELECT' Statement we can fetch the whole table or some columns that we want.

SQL SELECT QUERY - The Coding Shala


The basic syntax of the SELECT statement is as follows - 
SELECT column1, column2, columnN FROM table_name; 

This Query will fetch only particular columns that are mentioned. If we want to fetch all the columns then use '*' instead of columns name.

SELECT * FROM table_name;  

SQL SELECT Query Examples - 

The following query will fetch all the data from the 'Persons' Table - 

SQL >> select * from Persons  

 Output >>   
 PersonID     LastName     FirstName     Address     City  
 1              Saini     Akshay         A-101     Pune  
 1              last     first            A-101     Pune  
 2              null     Akshay           null       null  

Now if we want to fetch only 'PersonID' and 'FirstName' then we use - 

SQL >> select PersonID, FirstName from Personsselect * from Persons  
Output >>   
 PersonID     FirstName  
 1          Akshay  
 1          first  
 2          Akshay  

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